Audit and Consulting

Supported by 45 years of experience in project management and executive project design, Plate professionals and leaders assure our clients success in their projects.

We represent our clients looking out for their interests in any partnership or investment during all stages of the project.

our clients:

1. real estate funds
2. private investors
3. developers and independent investors

1. Investment Analysis and Due Dilligence

Conceptualization and Feasibility

Conceptual review of the project and basic specifications.

Evaluation of correlation between the financial model, the present and future market, and variations of this project.

Verification of the technical documentation of the investment contract.

. Validation of participating companies.

2. Pre-Development

General Review and Validation of the Project

Technical analysis and validation of the site according to plans.

Review of land use of the site permitted by applicable regulations and guidelines by government.

Project and investment risk analysis.

Preliminary studies.

Project master plan.

3. Development stage

review and continuous monitoring of the project and its processes from the start of construction to completion and delivery of it.

Review and validation of control procedures and mechanisms established by those responsible.

Revision of contracting schemes and suggestions for cost reduction.

General review of contracts, types of contract and contract terms.

4. Delivery and Implementation

Surveillance of delivery and reception process and guarantees

Certification of project delivery and warranties.

Certification of “as built” blue prints delivery.

Validation of implementation and delivery of equipment, including training and warranties.


Validation of procedures and maintenance costs

Support during the procurement of the property operating workforce.

Review maintenance and operation costs.

Validation of maintenance fees.

estudios y proyectos

Project consulting and development guaranteeing its technological and economic quality.

1. preliminary project study

We guarantee the quality of our projects through the various preliminary studies we perform.
Research and analysis prior to the needs program elaboration.
Collecting site information:

Traffic impact
Environmental impact
Value engineering and optimization solutions.

2. Executive Project

Hydro-sanitary and pluvial
Fire Detection and control